Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Stephen Akanbi’s journey weaves a tapestry of diverse experiences. From early accolades in school plays and chess club leadership to a high school career marked by athletic achievements and musical prowess, they laid the foundation for a multifaceted talent.

University life saw the co-founding of Good Media Studios, crafting commercials for prestigious organizations, and joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. which he assumed the role of marketing director. Armed with a degree in Directing for Film & TV, he signed with Heyman Talent and joined the theatre troupe American Legacy Theatre.

Transitioning to Los Angeles in 2022, Stephen immersed himself into the acting world attending renowned schools like Groundlings and Identity Drama School, leaving an indelible mark in music videos with Chance the Rapper & Hopsin, collaborating on student films with USC, NYFA, and AFI, and gracing TV shows and Feature Films. A visceral actor with a rugged, wisdom-filled look, his performances delve deep into the human condition. A lifelong learner, Stephen’s curiosity fuels a storytelling journey ready to captivate in feature films and drama TV shows.

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